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Management Consulting and Employee Development

How I Will Partner With You!

Who Is S.H.E.?

Hi, I'm Jill, founder of S.H.E. 

I believe we can all do better, be better & deliver amazing partnership and service, no matter what our position or role is.

With just a little more effort, we can take our work and integrity from "meh", to "magnificent"...sometimes we just need a little help, some new ideas, a fresh set of eyes, and friendly guidance.

This is where I come in!

S.H.E. is a woman-owned Management and Employee consulting service, designed to develop, empower and put forth your best workers for productive business and super staff! Whether it's your management team, trainers or general employees, let's make sure that you interview, hire and train skillful, and valuable people who help grow your business. 

Don't let the name SHE Professional Development fool you - it's not just for women!


Your Business is as Strong as your Weakest Link...

The people you employ to act as the face of your business are what determine your growth & success. Your business is dependent on how happy your staff is.  And this in turn, is how your clients view you. Do you ever feel like something just isn't working? Do you have drama & strife in the workplace? Does staff seem unmotivated & detached?  Don't let the weak link break you! 

If you've noticed low communication between management and employees; a high staff turnover...  If your numbers are down...  Morale is at a low, complaints are on the rise...  If you're working harder and not smarter...  If you spend time hiring and training the wrong people...  If you're an employee who feels stagnant...  If you're just doing the uninspired minimum...  Then it sounds like we should talk!

Problem vs Solution and How I Can Help

Some of the services that are provided:  * Employee interviewing, hiring + training techniques  *Methods of better communication between Management + workers  *Empowerment + personal development plans   *Implementation of guides + materials designed specifically for your business and it's success  *100% support by SHE, and weekly check  *Long-term consulting + partnership  *Thought generation + creative work practice

+ Bi-weekly blog posts, and monthly email packages designed to aide in  overall goal for employee base.

What You'll Get When We Work Together